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Boston Celtics: 3 former C’s that need to comeback to the team



Article Summary:

Here are 3 former Boston Celtics players that need to come back to the team:

Former Boston Celtics player No. 1) Greg Monroe

It has been a minute since big man, Greg Monroe, donned green and white for the Boston Celtics.

He was a very serviceable backup center for them en route to game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals back in 2018.

Moose, as they call him, has been retooling his game to survive in the NBA.

Once a back to the basket center resembling the traditional bigs of leagues past, now more of a complete player desperate to remain in the game of basketball.

Why not Boston?

Brad Stevens is incredibly familiar with his playstyle and what he brings to the table as a player from his 37 game stint with the Celtics back in the 2017-18 season.

The 6-11 center offers a high basketball IQ, a decade worth of playing experience, and injury insurance behind the Celts lead bigs.

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