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Boston Celtics: 4 All-Star game candidates Jaylen Brown is outperforming



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Boston Celtics

A week ago, the NBA released the first fan return of the All-Star voting, and Boston Celtics stud, Jaylen Brown, did not have enough votes to crack top-10 in the Eastern Conference guards.

In the second fan return of the All-Star voting, superstar Kevin Durant, deservingly, lead the way for the Eastern Conference frontcourt with over four million votes.

In the backcourt, DeMar DeRozan finds himself in the lead with over 2.9 million votes and in the Western Conference, LeBron James leads the frontcourt with over 4.3 million votes, while Stephen Curry leads the guards with over 4.4 million votes. Hopefully, as the voting continues and if Brown keeps outperforming the Portland star, he can catch up and even have more votes than him.

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