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Boston Celtics: 3 realistic trade targets to help form C’s next Big-3



Article Summary:

Take this entire week for example, where, early on, some rumblings took the Boston sports world by storm, suggesting that there are some ‘in the know’ who are under the impression that the Cs could be pondering the idea of splitting up the Jays and now, as of this writing, it is being reported that, instead of breaking up their dynamic duo, Brad Stevens and co. Are ‘chasing a third star’ to pair alongside Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Frankly, we are MUCH more convinced that Boston’s decision-makers are more inclined to embark on the latter route and, should this actually be the case, we at HH believe there are 3 players, in specific, they should pursue in order to formulate the league’s next Big-3:

Boston Celtics target No. 1) Domantas Sabonis

Perhaps the biggest name mentioned when it has come to actually realistic trade targets for the team, many are intrigued by the concept of seeing Domantas Sabonis come to the Boston Celtics to join forces with fellow stars Tatum and Brown.

Right around the age of both Brown and Tatum, Domantas Sabonis would not only be a major asset for this season but hopefully for the several seasons to come in their young and promising careers.

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