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Boston Celtics: “Pass or Pursue” on 6 recently listed trade targets



Article Summary:

Now, while the concept of seeing the Boston Celtics nab the stud point guard could make for a great high-impact acquisition, there are plenty of other impact players out there that could be up for grabs.

So, without further adieu, let’s get started:

Boston Celtics trade target No. 1) Garrett Temple

One of Boston’s most glaring weaknesses this season is their shooting efficiency, specifically from downtown.

This brand of shooting efficiency, coupled with his cost-efficient average salary of just $5.1 million per year through 2024 is exactly why Greenberg has Temple as a player he’s intrigued in seeing the Cs pursue.

However, while we at HH have even discussed the concept of Boston acquiring the veteran in the past, after seeing just how poor this team has played thus far into the year we believe that, if they’re going to make a move, it has to be for a player who can actually serve as a true difference-maker on the court and not just one who will serve as a stationary shooter and as another veteran presence in the locker room.

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