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For fans of that one team that carried off the trophy, there’s nervous anticipation, but also excitement. If we’re not kidding ourselves, there are increasing opportunities to remind the rest of the league’s fans that the team you cheer for was better than the teams they cheered for, and that this either marks you as a more astute student of the game, or it means that your city is better than theirs, or any of the various ways in which supporting a team taps into the tribal id. My five year old self picked the Vikings, and I suppose I should still be supporting the team.

In the run up to the NFL championship in 1940, George Halas, the coach of the Chicago Bears, posted newspaper clippings throughout the team’s locker room quoting Washington’s coach, who called the Bears “Crybabies” and “Quitters.” The Bears subsequently trounced Washington 73-0, the greatest margin of victory in league history.

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