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Boston Celtics: 3 things Cs fans need to see tonight against Raptors



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Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics find themselves coming into 2021-22 looking for redemption after putting forth a rather forgettable performance all throughout last season.

Though there were plenty of aspects that we loved from Boston’s opening performance, it’s undeniable that there were still many things left to be desired.

In preparation for tonight’s game, we at HH discuss 3 things we need to see from the Boston Celtics against Toronto:

What we need to see from Boston Celtics No. 1) Al Horford in the starting lineup

No, this is not us saying we think Al Horford should unequivocally be slotted in as the starting center for the Boston Celtics this season.

After the season in which he had last year, at the very least they should see if he can produce at a similar rate with a playoff-contending team like Boston.

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