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Boston Celtics: 3 most versatile players within the C’s rotation



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Boston Celtics

Happy days are here again Boston Celtics fans, as Tuesday marked the first day that training camps are officially allowed to open.

Looking at their new-look roster, it’s evident that they have quite a number of talents that are highly versatile who can impact this team in a multitude of way, and we at the Houdini believe 3, in specific, to be the most well-rounded players amongst the bunch:

Boston Celtics player No. 1) Marcus Smart

Referred to as a Swiss Army man amongst fans and media alike, Marcus Smart clearly makes the cut as being one of the most versatile players found on this Boston Celtics roster.

A combo guard who has even found himself logging minutes at the three from time to time throughout his career, the 27-year-old is a jack of all trades who can go about and play offense like a one and go out on defense and feel comfortable going up against centers.

The ground that a player like Marcus Smart can cover with his overall skill set is invaluable for a franchise, which is one of the many reasons why people have labeled him the heart and soul of Boston Celtics basketball.

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