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How Josh Richardson bounces back



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The question is how to get the best out of Richardson? What was it during his time in Philly and with the Miami Heat that caused him to produce so well? Did something go wrong in Dallas that will take time to repair? Is there a difference between playing next to Joel Embiid vs. Luka Doncic? Or is this simply a case of a guy who needs a change of scenery to the point where the Celtics are opportunistic simply for giving him a new opportunity?

During Richardson’s final year in Miami and his lone season in Philadelphia, he appeared poised to take the next step in becoming a solid third option for a team. Dallas won seven of nine games, capped off by back-to-back 20 point outings from Richardson. During the last three games of the Clippers series, while great wings Paul George and Kawhi Leonard were ripe for a defensively useful wing to guard them, Richardson played just 21 minutes total.

The best set for Richardson was this misdirection pin down:

There’s a strong pull-up scorer in Richardson, and a guy who is caught in a tough place as a result.

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