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NBA: Power ranking the 10 best big 3ā€™s heading into the 2021-22 season



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Golden State Warriors trio

Power ranking the NBA’s best big 3’s heading into the 2021-22 season.

The era of NBA super teams may be behind us and we’re now in an era of big 3’s. Even though many would suggest that big 3’s are essentially a super team, let’s not act like the Golden State Warriors didn’t absolutely break the league with their big 4.

Nevertheless, and perhaps thankfully, the NBA is back to its big 3’s. I think most fans will take that. Considering at least one-third of the league has a big 3, and there are perhaps other fan bases that could make an argument for theirs, it feels a bit more even – as I said before, save for the Nets.

Heading into this season there is hope for many teams. Which are in the best place to contend because of their big 3? Ahead of the start of the season, we rank the 10 best big 3’s in the league.

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