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Did the Boston Celtics’ offense get better this offseason?



Article Summary:

There are all sorts of individual deficiencies that can muck up an offensive: bad or low volume shooters, players who can’t pass, players who can’t dribble, one-trick ponies forced to play next to other one-trick ponies.

Grant Williams, Thompson, and Ojeleye fall into a less glamorous distinction, as harmful offensive players whose skills don’t outweigh their limitations. Watching the Celtics’ best offensive options play in tight spaces was painful, but preferable to allowing any of the team’s less gifted players attempt to create offense for themselves. Any minutes in which he pairs Enes Kanter with Horford or Robert Williams may get messy, and while Richardson and Schröder are major upgrades in offensive ability as compared to the players whose minutes they are like to replace, neither is a particularly reliable shooter.

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