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Boston Celtics: 5 possible star Team USA trios Jayson Tatum can help form



Article Summary:

COVID-19 and all of the trickle-down effects it caused have altered the schedule to become an even more around-the-clock affair during the last year.

Said Olympics features Cs superstar Jayson Tatum, and as Team USA assembles in its quest for a fourth straight gold medal at the games, a history of future super teams forming on these runs lurks in the background as a possible storyline to watchin addition to the team’s disappointing exhibition run so far. Instead, the Houdini wants to explore the potential future star trios that could form as a result of Tatum’s involvement-and changed tone towards recruiting for the Cs-with Team USA:

Boston Celtics’ potential Team USA star trio #1: Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Bradley Beal

Let’s start with the most likely to happen.

Ipso facto, signing Beal outright next offseason after carving up a max contract slot to complement Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown is the clearest path forward towards Team USA bearing fruit for Boston the next time a super-team forms.

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