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We are lucky to be getting Nets-Bucks Game 7 | How far back does MLB’s connection to foreign substances go?

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Khris Middleton comes to the rescue for Bucks in Game 6 against Nets šŸ€

Nets vs. Bucks is going the limit. The Bucks weren’t able to hold onto a lead in Game 5, but they learned from their mistakes and in Game 6 defeated the Nets 104-89, forcing a Game 7. A look at the history of foreign substance use in MLB USATSI

MLB has been cracking down on foreign substances, with new rules that state pitchers who are caught using these substances they will be ejected from the game and suspended for 10 days with pay.

With the topic dominating the game of late, our Dayn Perry went through a brief history of foreign substances in MLB:

  • Spitball: Pitcher Frank Corridon of the Providence Grays accidentally realized that when throwing a ball with wet fingertips and a dry thumb the ball travels straight at first and then sinks
  • Shine ball: Rumor has it that pitcher Eddie Cicotte discovered this in 1915 after rubbing the ball “Vigorously on his uniform”
  • Fall of the spitball: In February of 1920, the league moved to ban spitballs, shine balls and despite this, it remained in the league.

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