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Boston Celtics: What big men should Cs pursue this summer?



Article Summary:

They need to get to know who they are as players and people, they need to ask themselves who is Jayson Tatum? Who is Jaylen Brown? What do they need to succeed?

Let’s start by answering those first two questions.

Jaylen Brown is a top-8 shooting guard in the NBA that is an elite point-of-attack defender and one of the most resilient scorers in the NBA. His off-ball defensive woes have been well documented in the past and should be a point of emphasis for his off-season training but for now, Brown’s defensive specialty is on-ball.

On offense, Brown’s scoring steals the show. As a second option, Brown doesn’t need to become Lebron in terms of playmaking, but it would help if he became even an average playmaker.

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