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Kyrie Irving says keep criticism of him to basketball in Game 3



Article Summary:

Kevin Durant stood by Irving at the initial press conference, affirming that “The whole world knows.”

Sides aligned against Boston with others against Irving when both can hold valid points.

“Imagine how people view this city, imagine the hill we have to climb in order to deal with people’s perception of Boston, imagine how much work Boston has to do. Real work,” Dart Adams, a lifelong Bostonian who writes about and advocates for emphasizing Black voices in Boston, told me. “To try to deny anything Kyrie says, it’s going against what needs to be done. Stop crying about he’s going to put a black eye on Boston, it’s been there.”

Adams notes that historically and currently, Black Boston exists and bears the brunt of racism accusations from outside the city. Drederick Irving, his father and a former Boston University star, is among them.

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