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The predictability of Tristan Thompson vs. Robert Williams’ upside



Article Summary:

Atlanta Hawks big man Clint Capela is mobile enough to thrive in any defensive scheme. Williams has shown enough progression on offense to be deployable against any team, any scheme and in any situation. Consider these numbers since the NBA trade deadline on March 25th:

Walker-Smart-Brown-Tatum-Thompson: 133.0 ORtg, 129.2 DRtg, net 3.8 rating per 100

Walker-Smart-Brown-Tatum-Williams: 123.6 ORtg, 115.8 DRtg, net 7.8 rating per 100

There is one other factor to weigh in the equation: who is better alongside the reserve unit? In that regard, I lean pretty heavily towards Thompson. His veteran presence can stabilize the second unit when he shares the floor with rookie Payton Pritchard and any of the Celtics role players who lack postseason experience.

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