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Derek Chauvin verdict not a celebratory moment for the NBA



Article Summary:

The jury in the trial of Derek Chauvin gathered for ten and a half hours of deliberation over what the world watched in horror in May. They had it replayed and explained for them by prosecutors and witnesses over more than a month, as the state of Minnesota tried to convict a Minneapolis police officer for murdering a Black man for the first time.

The bill aims to limit the leeway officers have to use deadly force, with a focus on the demilitarization of America’s police forces that have contribute to war-like approaches to policing. Taylor’s death, in the darkness of night, still handed the benefit of the doubt to police despite evident “Wanton endangerment” to neighbors in the apartment building where she died from gun shot wounds delivered by multiple police officers.

Chauvin’s defense council spoke with that latitude throughout the trial, blaming everything from onlookers to drugs to Floyd’s health conditions, before a last ditch argument that the police cruiser’s tail pipe could’ve caused the death, anything to remove culpability on Chauvin.

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