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Boston Celtics: 2 trade packages for Cs to land Aaron Gordon



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Boston Celtics

Though there are only three days until the March 25th NBA trade deadline finally approaches, for Boston Celtics fans this short duration of time may wind up feeling like an actual eternity.

Recently, another name they’ve been rumored to have interest in inquiring about in Orlando Magic power forward Aaron Gordon has become a potentially realistic grab for the shamrocks, as the big has officially requested a trade.

The Boston Celtics could trade for Aaron Gordon by this year’s trade deadline

In the past, we’ve talked about how Gordon could be a suitable option for this struggling Boston Celtics squad, and now, with his reported desire to leave the land of Disney, it appears as though now could be the time where this idea can finally become a reality. Now, the only question that remains is what would it take to convince Orlando to ship him to Massachusetts?

Today, we at the Houdini present to you 2 trades for the Cs to land the tantalizing four:

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