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The Celtics’ interest in LaMarcus Aldridge and what it could mean for Robert Williams



Article Summary:

With such a crowded front court, why would the Celtics consider adding LaMarcus Aldridge as a potential buyout candidate?


Charania: Celtics eyeing Spurs’ Aldridge, Hawks’ Collins

I’m going to ignore Aldridge being old and slow and further complicate a log jam at center for now. Could Aldridge provide that? Could the attention drawn by Jaylen, Jayson, and Kemba be enough to open up easy mid-range shots where Aldridge wants them? Based on Daniel Theis’ slightly increased involvement in the offense-namely his pick-and-pop midrange shots-I believe Aldridge could be used in a similar way.

As a fan of the game, I like what Aldridge brings to the floor as a smooth mid-range shooter, but if I wipe my aesthetic biases away, I can’t justify signing him other than having a warm body to play when other players need rest. Aldridge doesn’t really play a position of need, but if Brad insists on double-big lineups then there’s room to make it happen.

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