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Robert Williams’ insane production should earn him a bigger role



Article Summary:

If we combine steals and blocks, Jaylen and Rob would lead the team with 46 total.

Some other lineup notes:

Tatum and Rob on the floor, Jaylen and Kemba off: 7.32 net rating in 129 minutes Jaylen and Rob on, Kemba and Tatum off: -22.65 net rating in 65 minutes Kemba and Rob on, Jays off: -31.74 in 23 minutes Jays and Rob on, Kemba off: 46.35 net rating in 48 minutes Smart and Rob on, Jays and Kemba off: 45.83 in just seven minutes

Any of those ratings can change drastically in a very short time, but I think it speaks more to just how little time the Celtics have been afforded to play together when healthy. It’s entirely possible that Rob does so well in so little time because he doesn’t have to sustain it for 30 minutes per game. There’s only so much the Celtics can change in the short term with the trade deadline still weeks away, but I think they can at least stabilize by tossing a few more minutes to Rob.

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