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What if the Bulls had traded Scottie Pippen? Exploring the three blockbusters trades that never happened

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Article Summary:

1994: Pippen is traded to the Seattle Supersonics

The trade: Chicago’s locker-room nearly fractured after Pippen’s notorious tantrum at the end of Game 3 of the conference semifinals against the New York Knicks. Jordan leads the Bulls back to the postseason, but without Pippen, he stands little chance against the Eastern Conference’s remaining powers.

“I probably should’ve listened to Michael [Jordan] a year ago when he said that Charles will never win a championship because he doesn’t show any dedication,” Pippen told ESPN. “He’s a very selfish guy. He doesn’t show the desire to want to win. That’s my reason for wanting to get away from playing with him – because he just doesn’t show the dedication.”

In this scenario, Pippen and Barkley feud as they actually did, but rather than Pippen asking out, the Suns decide to trade Barkley instead. Just as they did in the real world, Phoenix sends Barkley to Houston for a package built around Sam Cassell and Robert Horry.

1997: Pippen is traded to the Boston Celtics

The trade: As Jerry Reinsdorf explained in “The Last Dance,” Krause was ready to rebuild the Bulls after their fifth championship in 1997.

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