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Jaylen Brown Writes Coronavirus Op-Ed To Inspire Unity Amid Social Distancing

CBS Local


Article Summary:

In an editorial about the coronavirus pandemic for The Guardian over the weekend, the 23-year-old Celtics guard conveyed his message in hopes of inspiring people “To come together rather than drift farther and farther apart” while practicing social distancing.

But Brown and his teammates have been stuck at home since the season was put on pause, holding team meetings through Zoom to stay connected. While it’s easy to grow apart while practicing social distancing, Brown is urging everyone to come together by doing something for the greater good. “Donate to your local food banks, homeless shelters and to those less fortunate in general. Allocate resources to healthcare workers, and other extraordinary workers and unsung heroes during this time. Lend a hand to the families and family members of healthcare workers and those who have lost someone, and are in need of economic support. The slightest display of compassion may save someone’s life. I am looking to match these efforts and align with people who are inclined to do something.”

Brown hopes that social distancing to help flatten the curve will in turn unify the country, but he also wants to make sure people come together after the pandemic to fix the problems it has exposed.

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