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Hall Of Famer Kevin Garnett Trying To Make The Most Of ‘Upside-Down’ 2020

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“I like to think that steel sharpens steel, and I like to think that all three of us pushed each other to be the best that we could be,” Garnett said. Garnett has even limited how much news he can absorb, saying too much of what he sees is “Scary.”

“I’ll be honest, I’ve just been feeding myself things to stay stimulated and I exercise a lot,” Garnett said. Garnett does not have great things to say about 2020, with the pandemic coming when he is still personally reeling from Bryant’s Jan. 26 death in a helicopter crash. “So, I’ve just been trying to maintain and appreciating some of the small intangible things and actually enjoying life a little bit or trying to and be productive.”

For Garnett, that passion intersects with one of the passions Bryant had: Creating content.

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